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wild goose chase


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Yeah, that term sums up my experience with BFD.


Thanks all for the tips, I've been through them all (energy saver settings, external hard drive, latest version download).


Look, my VSL library really taxes my system, and so does Ivory. Not a problem with either.


These white noise bursts are not "demo" sounds, they are gnarly, ugly, horrible clanky HUGE unacceptable hunks of sound that almost knock me out of my chair if we're listening moderately loud.


Anyway, at least I know somebody else out there is having the same problem. What a shame, what a waste of hours and hours of my time and all the $$.


This plugin world is like the wild west, man. When synths came in boxes, they HAD to work! Some companies are doing great jobs (Spectrasonics), and others are just soul vampires, draining me of my vital creative energy!~~~


thanks again all

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Ok, I have read the other thread now, sorry I hadn't seen it before.


I am using BFD 1.5.45 and am having no problems in Logic.


What version are you using?


Who did you talk to at FXPansion, was it Angus?





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yes, I've talked to Angus. It's all in the thread. Latest versions of everything.


I probably shouldn't have started this thread, as I am officially abandoning my $1000 investment with BFD, I don't believe in the company enough to trust them through film deadlines, etc. They've had a year to sort this, I need to move on.

As I said, my other 150 plugins all work great.


thanks and good luck to all!



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