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Record Enabled tracks & input monitoring


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As far as I understand it, in the past, record-enabling a track would allow you to monitor it. That doesn't seem to be the case with LPX. I checked the Preferences and in it, the option to have input monitoring only for focused and record-enable tracks is enabled. I can't get any sound out of the track when Logic is stopped, so the input monitoring button has to be pressed. However, with the input monitoring button off, I can monitor the track as I'm recording. Just not when it's stopped.


Turning the input monitoring button on and off during recording doesn't seem to affect anything (no double monitoring haas) so I'm guessing the guys at Apple decided to change it for this version.


Is all of that information correct, or am I doing something wrong?


I wonder how this affects FX...

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Just gave it a quick test. For me input monitoring is completely broken in 10.0.5: it doesn't work with just R, doesn't work with I doesn't work with both R and I, doesn't work when Logic is stopped, doesn't work while Logic is recording either. I can see the signal reaching the audio channel strip, but I can't see it reaching the Output channel strip.

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Same problem here, really frustrating.


I've only been using Logic X for mixing so far. I've had a few minor issues but nothing too serious.

I have some recording sessions coming up and was really looking forward to using X, but this is a real deal breaker. Looks like I'll be stuck on Protools or Logic 9. :cry:


However, I do find it surprising that it is not reported more widely on the forums.

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