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Big lost of performance for no reason...


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Hi , for no reason, dont know yet, I'm having a very slow computer while watching the coulored wheel spining...

Just simple comande like zoom in, zoom out then play or stop, there is a delay in between every comande and result can apear 5 sec later or more even ! can not edit at all, 3 audio tracks in the arrange, that is all.

This aftermoon, running huge projec, every thing was perfect, to nite it just dont want to work...

any ideal please

again it is a MBP 2,16, 2 gig ram , external drive lacie 300gig

logic pro 7.2.3


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Are you running any non intel software - if so this will make your intel mac run in emulation (rossetta) mode which would add a huge hit of processing power to yiour machine
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