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Does Size Really Matter?


Does Size Matter?  

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Hmmm ... I think the answer to the question is: yes, size does matter. Especially if you are a customer who wants to record their first release with you on your Logic system.

So what am I talking about? Let's pretend your customer wants to have more tracks than your Mac can handle ... what do you do? I realize that the freeze function is one option, but you can only do that so many times before you are tapped out of resources. Should I purchase a couple other Macs? Is there some kind of DSP thingy that can help with my delima?


So I am curious: what is the biggest system that you have seen - which was running Logic Pro? How many tracks have you seen (in Logic Pro) recorded, mixed, etc?


I have been reading a lot of material, and listening / watching videso regarding ProTools (I know that is a bad word! sorry!). I have been thinking about this for a little bit because if you have enough money - you can get an HD system that will handle quite a few tracks, in addition to plugins. I am not comparing PT & LP, I am simply asking if there is a way for me to get that HD processing power, but remain faithful to Logic Pro?



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I hear you on the Yes point - and it is a good point to make; however, when a potential client comes into your home or project studio they may feel a tad underwhelmed when they don't see a huge mixer with a bunch of lights, not to mention when they see you mixing only a few tracks at a time (because that is all your system can handle) ..... what could / should you do about that?

The fact is that a paying customer may look at your system (or setup) and say: "hey! I can do this at my own home and save a whole bunch of money in the process!" If this is our profession and we depend on recording and mixing for income, isn't that an important point? The price of a home studio is coming down, especially compared to what it used to cost. Heck ... you can do some decent things in GarageBand. Just a thought!

Thanks for the input folks!

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