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Logic Pro Certification Test

Johnny Yugoslavia

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Hey All,


I'm looking at certifying for LPX soon and I wanted to ask if anyone has taken the Certification test already? Obviously I don't expect (nor would I ask for) any amount of information that would constitute cheating. Rather, I would just like to know if the reviews in Dave's book are enough test prep or if there are things in the test that are not necessarily covered at length in the book. A few people at my institution are trying to set up a study group. Thanks in advance for any info. :D

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I had to take the test to beta test it.


The test is based on the book, so anything asked in the test is covered in the book. However the Lesson reviews are not enough test prep, as test questions could be based on small tips, notes, or topics not covered in the reviews.


So basically, you'll want to make sure you read through the entire book and understand/memorize what you're reading.


Let me know if you have any further questions, and best of luck to you and your study group! :D

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