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begging for help with audible digital artifacts


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Hey fellow logic users,


I'm having an incredibly frustrating issue. I have attached the session to this topic. It is a logic x 10.0.5 session. There is only one or two audio files in the session. I can't figure out which plugins or what is causing what sounds like some digital clicks and crackles. I am convinced it's not actually in the audio files at all, but somehow the plugins I am using are causing this. Or some bug in logic.


The audio file is a recording of a few chords from my prophet 08 at 44.1khz. I found that when I role off the highs in the pro-Q the digital artifacts go away. But it's not that I've rolled them off, it's that somehow a plugin or logic reacts better without the highs : /


Here is what I used


FF Pro Q

Elysia Museq Pancake 2


FF Pro L

Ozone 5


Could anyone reading this please listen to the session. Even if you don't have all the plugins and let me know.

help from forum.zip

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I've zipped up two files. One is the original synth recording in an aif format and the second is the processed recording.


Would someone mind at least letting me know if those artifacts you will hear in the processed recording are in the original recording or not?


And what could possibly cause this?


Thanks for the help by the way. I'm not using Mavricks yet. I'm on 10.8.5


synth audio file.zip

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