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any way to 'pitch shift' for a mashup?


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hey, so i'm working on a mashup right now.. one of the tracks is in the key of F, and the other track is in the key of F#minor.. is there any way to 'pitch shift' one of these so that they work well together without totally ruining the sound of the whole track?


please let me know.. thanks! :)

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Another approach:


With Time Machine, it's often hit and miss, in terms of audio quality although 1 semitone might be fine. I've gotten good clean pitch-shifting results (up to about a major third or so) by using Varispeed and then flex. A bit worky but worth it.


1) Choose Speed Only / Semitones in the Varispeed area

2) Bounce the tune with those settings (Bounce in place won't work)

3) Turn off the Varispeed settings

3) Import the tune back into the arrange

4) Flex (time) the file, polyphonic mode with "complex" checked and stretch or compress it back to it's original length.


The last step will work best if it starts and ends on even bar lines but you can use the original file as a template to align the length of the new file against.

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