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loss of audio quality - bounce & join w/ flex pitch edits


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I'm sure this is a rookie mistake, but here it goes:


I've imported the audio files from a PT session into Logic Pro X and am currently in the process of arranging the lead vocals track from a set of multiple takes. Each time I copied and pasted a desired section into the main vocal track I ended up merging the whole so the track would look more organized (OCD tendencies...).


After multiple merges I thought I had the best possible track from combining the best sections of the takes I had, and so I went ahead and did a lot of work in Flex Pitch to clean it all up. I didn't end up liking one small section of the verse so I copied and pasted from another take and merged the whole. BUT after merging, all my flex pitch data seemed to have been saved into the new audio track and now I can't go back and edit/undo any of the flex pitch information. The audio quality also seems to have suffered a substantial loss as a result. The audio sounds crunchy and distorted.


So my main questions are: 1) Is a loss in audio quality suffered with each bounce and join? 2) Should I have waited until I was 100% sure I had completed my arrangement of the track before bouncing and then messing around with flex pitch? and 3) Is there any way to undo this incredibly dumb mistake?


Thanks in advance for the help!

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