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Midi Draw Sustain Snapping to Only Certain Numbers


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So I want to draw in my sustain pedal since it didn't really register while I recording, But as soon as I try to put it lower than 50, it snaps to zero, no matter how carefully I drag it down. Is there anyway to type a number in instead of drawing? Or a way for to just drag down to the number I want it to be at?


Should I use a particular tool for sustain? Pencil tool?


Thanks! :)

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Sustain, though it can handle any value, typically only has only two states: on (down) or off (up). Convention is to use the 127 value for on, and 0 for off, though I think that 64 and higher means on/down, and 63 and lower means up/off. So it really does not matter what the value is, it only matters on which side the value is. In other words: a value of 0, or 17, or 48 or 57 will all yield the same result: sustain off/pedal up, and values of 127 or 83 or 112 or 75 will all mean sustain on/pedal down.

Your sustain should register while recording MIDI - because sustain is MIDI.

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