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Upbeat Acoustic Song Made in Logic. 1 AKG 414 Mic


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Hi guys! I tracked and mixed this in Logic. I used the Logic FAT EQ, Logic Gold Verb, Some Waves Plugins (CLA2a, L1 on output buss, CLA1176), an AKG 414 mic placed at 12th fret, API pres, Distressor on bass which went DI to API, a midi kick sample and a snare with the 414 placed about 2 feet over and out a few inches.


Check it out! :)





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I have listened to the song, and I like it!



A few minor suggestions:


- put the drums a bit more upfront and give it a bit more punch (especially on the snare drum)

- the guitar sounds are way too thin. Can you double the tracks, space them, and make them sound ”warmer”?

- Adding an additional acoustic guitar track (using the same chords, perhaps higher on the scale) could make it stand out even more

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