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Audio Factory Missing?


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The "Factory" features have been around for a LONG time. Probably since around version 4,if not earlier.


I really don't like that they removed the harmonic Correction function from the Time Pitch Machine.


FWIW, the Audio To Score Factory function has been replaced by Flex Pitch's new feature "Create MIDI Track From Flex Pitch Data" found in the new Audio Track Editor. And the old Audio Quantizing functions have been replaced by Flex time's quantizing ability. I know, not exactly the same thing, but well - that's progress. And well, it actually is :D



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The flex Audio to score thing is pretty slick, I must say. Is there any architectural reason why the Audio Energizer couldn't be there. I thought I was in the minority using it, but I worked today and quite missed it.


How do we make our case?


Send feedback to Apple via the Logic Pro X>Provide Logic Pro Feedback menu item in Logic...

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