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logic x pro, cpu overloads with minimum plugins


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I just keep on getting these cpu overloads with minimum plugin usage. I have a 8 core with 32 gb ram. Still with only fxpansion geist and a couple of eq's i get cpu overloads. When i look at the activity monitor only 35 to 40% of the cpu has been used. The cpu meter in logic is totally uninformative and lacks clarity and is incomprehensible.


Actions i have taken:

I have turned off app nap

Closed all other pending applications

Updated all my drivers and related software(mavericks, apogee, logic etc)

Turned off software monitoring

Buffer size is 512


Logic is taxing my cpu the most by far of all the software i use (ableton live and reaper) with the same plugins.

Have i missed something? What do i need to tweak to get this working properly?





Apogee ensemble

Mac 8 core-2012

32gb ram

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Super frustrating stuff. Changed it to 8 cores no difference in performance. I tried several forums but the response is very limited. It seems like the adoption of Logic X is disappointing. I contacted some fellow producers and musicians and they seem to be having the same problems.

I'm done fighting this battle for the moment, . I'm on personus studio one for now.

Thanks Triplet

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