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Flex Pitch Crashes Unless I Flatten/Merge


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I've used flex pitch a lot and this has consistently been a problem for me. If I flatten and merge a vocal comp, flex pitch seems to work just fine 90% of the time with an occasional crash, once a session tops. When trying to pitch TAKES however, it's a solid 50-50 crash with each edit I do. Again the problem will go away the moment I collapse it down to whatever the comp is, but I'd rather have access to every take recorded so I still have the option of switching it out later.


Specifically this will happen when I try to fine tune any flex pitch segments. Is anyone else having this problem and if so are you aware of any solutions aside from having an extra audio track to hold a copy of the "full" region with all takes inside it, then just flatten/merging the main track.


I know this is a very specific issue but with the amount of vocals I'm editing I need a work around.


Logic 10.0.5

OSX 10.9.1

3.4 GHz Intel Core i7 Late 2013 iMac

16 GB Ram

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