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Understanding Backup Files in Logic X


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Ok, I've been at it for about twenty hours and I don't drink coffee so I'm probably a little loopy about now. Anyway, I cannot seem to figure out how to do this in LX.


In Logic 9, if I happened to really screw up a part, I could press 'F' to access the files, navigate to the project file backups, choose the appropriate file, and select whether to import the content, plug-ins, i/o settings, etc... This works if importing from other projects in Logic X but, I can't seem to be able to access backup files and reverting doesn't help because every other track has been updated, edited, mixed the way I want them...


Help much appreciated...

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It's a bit more complicated in Logic 10:


Make a duplicate or a copy of your project file. Control-click the new copy and choose Show Package Contents. Go to Alternatives > 000 > Project File Backups. Here you'll find a certain number of folders named "00", "01", and so on. Look at the date and decide which want you want to revert to. Go inside the folder you've chosen and copy the "ProjectData" file. Go back to the "000" folder and replace the "Project Data" file that's there with the one you copied.


You can now navigate to this project file from Logic's All Files Browser and import only what you need.



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