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Film Scoring Frame Rate Question


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I'm about to start scoring an indy film. It was shot in 24p (23.98 frame rate) but the editor supplied me a version that's straight-up 24fps. :shock:


As it turns out, the dialog and SFX in this version are out of sync in places, so the have to send me a new QT file. But before they do...


We know that Logic doesn't support the 24p rate, but I believe I can work at virtually any frame rate as long as I'm referencing their timecode when placing pops, etc. Is this correct?


Also, I'm of the feeling that the frame rate of the movie they supply me with should be exactly the same as theirs -- 24p -- and not rendered at 24 fps. Does that sound right? Or, considering that there's no way I can get Logic's timecode counter to match picture for the entire film, does it matter if I score to a 24fps render?



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In order to run in sync to 24fps you need to be able to apply a 0.1% pulldown of your audio, which you know Logic cannot do in realtime. I find the easiest way around this is to apply a sample rate conversion (like that in Pro Tools) of your guide tracks and perform a 0.1% pulldown (ie 48K to 47.952K) and then run your session at 29.97fps. I highly recommend pushing your editor to output a 29.97fps video file for you....not matching timecode can lead to all sorts of issues down the road that can be horribly unpleasant!



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You're a star! I just ran the info in your post by the editor and it all made sense to him. He's going to make me a new render, we're gonna do some tests afterwards to make sure the render is OK, and then get to scoring.


Thanks SO much.



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No problem Ski. Glad I could help. What kind of score you putting together?


It's an offbeat comedy (25 minutes). The music is orchestral (strings) and choral. Would very much like to record live musicians for the orchestral parts, though with the new moved-up deadline I heard about today (ouch) this might not happen (not enough time to get players. Maybe...). Worse comes to worse I'll have to realize everything with samples. Not that that would sound bad (orchestral realizations are what I do) but it would be less painful to do it with real musicians. The style is baroque/classical, but those moments dovetail in and out of a... that's right, you guessed it, a tango! So the intimacy of real strings would be most welcome in this one.


But one essential element of the score are the choral parts I wrote and I'm hoping I won't have to resort to Symphonic Choir to realize these.


Well, you asked, and I'm feelin' chatty! :D


Again, many thanks for your help. There is an editor hard at work as I write this figuring it all out. :D





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