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LP9 tracks to same instrument with different MIDI channels


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If i want to send the output of 2 tracks to the same instrument (for example a multitimbral instrument like kontakt), in some cases i want the midi channels to be different to play back different modules in Kontakt set to different MIDI channels.


I make a track and put kontakt in the i/o

I then make a new external MIDI track and right click - reassign to the kontakt channel in the mixer.

When i change the MIDI channels on the track header it switches for both.


If i make separate outputs for Kontact, they don't appear in the mixer, so i can't reassign track headers to particular outputs, or even get any sound from Kontakt unless i use the main outs. I can send to busses in kontakt, but that still doesn't create new channels on the mixer.


How can i split something like Kontakt across different MIDI channels and mixer channels while only using one instance of the instrument?



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Ok, i've still got several problems here. I'm gonna deal with them one by one. The first one is the tracks and MIDI.


When i make the instrument multi timbral, it asks me how many tracks, so, i've just started a new project, and i want a rhodes, so i select 1 track. Fine.

Now i want to make some beats on MIDI channel 2 in kontakt, so i add the instrument to kontakt and make it receive MIDI channel 2. Now how do i make a new logic track header to play that track?


Maybe i should just do this with an environment multi-instrument so i can add/remove tracks as i choose. I really don't want to have 16Kontakt tracks sitting there in every project just in case i might need them

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I don't get why it locks all the MIDI channels together unless you do it in that one specific way, but anyway, it works so i'll not whinge about logic's idiosyncrasies.

Cheers mate


Your method accesses the same object in the environment.

You can make a copy of that object and set one to channels 1 and the other to 2. That way you can access them separately. However I do not recommend this method. :)


Use the next channel key command in the arrange for easy config.

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I sussed this. Once you've made outputs on kontakt and assigned them to particular logic channels on the mixer, you can reassign tracks to those aux channels, at which point you can then change the MIDI channel freely. You then also get inspector/MIDI/Automation functionality directly linked from that track to the aux channel on the mixer.
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