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Sustain on MIDI drops out randomly


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I see several sustain questions but don't think I saw anything related to the problem I'm experiencing. Here's what's happening:


1. I create a measure of a midi notes, doesn't matter the length.

2. Whether I used the sustain pedal or not in the recording, I go to the Sustain control and activate it. It shows it at 127, orange line across the entire measure.

3. I loop the measure, listen to it, and make sure the sustain is working.

4. When the measure repeats in the loop, very often in the third looping measure the sustain drops out completely. It will often happen to multiple tracks at once.


I don't have any idea why this is happening. Never experienced this with Logic 9. Sustain pedal works fine; like I said, the problem happens whether i use the sustain pedal or if I just draw the sustain in. It's getting very frustrating, and I'd love it someone could clue me into the problem.


Thanks - Michael

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