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MIDI Modulation Data Changes After Splitting Region


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Hello everyone...


I am making a song using the Logic X Software Instrument Preset "Synthesizer>EDM Bass>Dub Machine."


This produces a track stack with the main track and two sub-tracks; "Dub Machine," and "Sub Layer."


I am recording MIDI Data to the main (top) track with my keyboard and it's built-in pitch/modulation lever.


My pitch/modulation lever rests at bottom center (up/down is modulation, left/right is pitch). During the recording, I am keeping the modulation pinned at about 75% of the way up, and changing pitch back and forth from there through the whole recording.


It records my take and all is well and good until I try to split said region/take to cut out the crappy part of my performance and keep the good part.


When I play the newly split region back, the pitch changes are still there, but the modulation was as if it was left at zero the whole time, but when I actually recorded the performance with the modulation at about 75%.


Very frustrating... please help.

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When you split the region you probably cut out the modulation data on the second half.


Does the first part of the region still have the expected modulation and the second is missing it?


You need the same modulation data in (or before) the second (splitted) region as the original.


You can record the modulation data onto or in front of the split region.


Also, check Settings>MIDI>Chase and make sure that Control Changes is checked. (assuming that Logic X is similar to Logic 9)


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