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Logic Pro X crashing in the same place every time.


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I'm trying to record a vocal part and Logic Pro X crashes in the same place every time. I've restarted, repaired permissions.

There is no view by date in the waddaya call it now?, used to be the Bin, but the last track there before each crash was #34. I have up to #38 in the audio folder in the Finder. I imported takes #35-38 into Logic. Is there a command to place them at the original recording position? I want to place them as takes. I'm not sure how to go about this.


My main problem is the crashing though. This has never happened so consistently before. Why would it be crashing? Is there any giveaway in the screenshot?


Thanks in advance.


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I tried muting all tracks and it crashed at 98. Reopened. I could start from 98 several times with no problem, but when I start from 97 it crashes, so there is something in bar 97.

I next started turning off tracks and playing. I isolated it to one track where I had stretched a vocal note by something like 200%. I don't understand why suddenly this crashes it. It played with the stretched vocal for a couple of months and now if that track is on, it crashes around that stretched point. It might be right where the stretched part ends and another note begins at about 97.4.3.

I wonder if I have to re-stretch that part to make it work or if this is a bug in 10.0.6.


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Ah ha, thanks. That did the trick.

I did the bounce in place and it created a new track. I bounced the second bit and put it in that track too, so now there are two regions there. The new track seems to be tied to the old one though. I cannot turn one off without turning off both. Just wondering if I can erase the old regions and drag the regions from the new track into the old and delete the new track.

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Weird. I've a got a Pro X project that I've been working on this morning - lots of flex editing - all sounding good, except it's now started crashing at, wait for it, bar 97 beat 3! That's either an amazing coincidence, or something's happening under the hood. It seems like there's a buffer filling up - I want to watch the console log and activity monitor while it's happening.Will report back after troubleshooting.
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