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Looping playback function causes Logic to crash every time


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Hi guys i'm new to the forum, i'm having trouble with trying to loop anything in my sessions. I've tried looping tracks with the yellow bar on the top line and also the loop button to the left of the track section but every time I do it the session freeezes and is totally wasted after that . I'm running Logic 10.0.6 on a 2008 imac with 2 gb of RAM and through a M-audio firewire audiophile interface. I know its meant to 4gb of RAM for Logic to run sweetly but i know this alone shouldn't be making it crash. Everything else works fine even when using a lot of CPU. Any help would be much appreciated, really don't want to have to uninstall/reinstall if its avoidable. processor is 2.66 ghz Intel core 2 duo and im running os x 10.9.1 thanks.
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