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using sample editor to extract midi notes


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Hi guys.


i just read of a "new" trick to edit drums. ive never been a big fan of replacing drums, but i think its a cool function, you never know when you might need it.


so i tried this method. it uses the sample editor in logic (which ive never really looked at much until now!!) and the function "audio to score". the main parameter to use is "granulation" which is some sort of threshold i guess.

this method is quite ok, but im not happy with the amount of control i have!


so what i was tryin is the "transient edit mode" which is great. you click on it and it shows you all the transient. with a + and - you can reduce or add transient. selecting parts of a region and using the +/- really give you a lot of control (for instance finding transient in a fill with snare and toms!)

but im stuck here and dont know how to now extract midi notes from this.

the only way i can get the midi notes is to use the "audio to score" again, but then all my hard work of isolating the transients is lost.


any idea what i can do here??

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im not sure what the "transient edit mode" is for, if you cant convert the transients to midi notes. can someone explain that to me?


Did you try looking it up in the manual?





or is there a way to convert it to midi that i couldnt find yet?


If you are using Logic 9, and don't want to use Audio to Score.... no


You could always do it "old school": i.e. use your ears to work out what the notes are, then enter the MIDI data manually?



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