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I think my best amateur effort so far (feedback appreciated)


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Today I felt inspired to record a small instrumental pop/ballad type of demo song (albeit just 1:22 minutes long) and I have really tried hard to make it my best effort so far. I even used a bit of automation for the first time as well.


I also obtained some new ”gear”, most importantly Kontakt 5 with Studio Drummer, Alicia Keys Piano, Action Strings etc.


Tracks/Instruments used:

- Kontakt Studio Drummer

- Alica Keys Piano (-6DB)

- ToonTrack EZPlay Grand Piano (-3DB)

- Logic Fretless Bass

- Action Strings (Kontakt5)

- Logic Grand Organ (beginning)

- Logic String Ensemble

- Logic Lighter Shade Organ (end part)


I wish I could have recorded some electric guitar on it, but I still don't have my Behringer USB device.


All instruments were played by me (except Studio Drummer) and plugins and effects were applied only after recording. On the drums and bass I used the Waves LowAir plugin to give it some more ”bass depth” and on several tracks I used the Maag EQ4 from Waves.


I really tried my best to let each instrument sit in the mix (I rolled of the bass EQ from the piano and organs).


Then bounced it as a WAV file and imported it back into LPX with some final mastering plugins (NLS Channel, Maag EQ, L3 MultiMax, PSP Mastercomp) and fine-tuning the sound.


Any comments, advise and/or criticism is more than welcome! (Please only listen to with proper headphones or proper speakers, ...and play it loud!)





and today I also finished a 2nd version (mastering) with the new plugins from Sonalksis. I think it sounds a bit better, but feedback is appreciated!



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The 2nd mix does not have the NLS Channel, Maag EQ, L3Multimax and PSP Mastercomp), but instead has the Sonalksis plugins only.


I was just hoping that somebody could give me some feedback on my mix(es) ... as I am trying to become a better musician/mixer. I was therefore hoping for some constructive feedback on how I mixed the song, what I should change etc. I know a lot of people listened to the song, I was just hoping for the feedback ...

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