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Is Logic Pro X suitable for stage 1 & 2 pianists?


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I have two grandaughters age 7 and 11, at stage 1 and 2 piano respectively. The elder also enjoys playing saxophone. I am looking for software that can help them do two part musical scores for rank beginners, with easy access to basic music sheet on which to project the notes for each instrument. Is Logic Pro X too advanced for them? Or is it comprehensive enough for them to understand and use? Any help to answer this need would be much appreciated. Thank you.
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This is kind of tough to answer.


If your gd's are both very good with computers, they may have an easier time than most, but logic is unlike any program they've likely used. Have you checked out garageband's latest offering? garageband will spit out scores, you can record music in, it has loops for them to play to, and it's also free on the mac. It's also a little more pared down than logic so some of the advanced features that they wouldn't need yet wouldn't be visible.


I'd go with it first.

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