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Hyper draw problem


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Hi all , i am having a problem when i try to use pitch bend in hyper draw. Never had this issue before , its literally just started happening , and when i go back to previous arrangements where i have used pitch bend, it is now showing the same problem. I cannot get the pitch bend to start at the beginning of the midi arrangement window ??? I have tried dragging , but as soon as i click where i want it to be it appears 3/4 across the midi arrangement ? Any ideas ?


Thanks !


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You have multiple regions. What you're showing in your image is the pitchbend data for the region that begins on bar 55. If you want to drag that node all the way to the begining of the arrangement you're going to have to merge your regions. Keep in mind the data that we edit in hyper draw is per region.




Jordi you are the man, that solved the problem! Thanks man

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