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Sustain always on + auto mute [SOLVED]


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Well my friend accidentally jammed on the keyboard while in Musical Typing mode and now it's pretty much like this in every project.

The sustain turned eternal, pressing the sustain pedal has no effect whatsoever. The piano roll has some really long bars as if I'd been pressing them all the way, and the chord interpreter window has a huge formula.

And if I enter Musical Typing mode or add a new track the track I'm working on goes mute.

Restarting Logic doesn't help. This isn't a hardware problem either since everything works ok in Garageband.

Pic related.

Thank you in advance!


The look I get after pressing and releasing(!) some keys.

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Hi! A few days ago I posted about a very similar problem but didn't get a response. The notes I play just keep sustaining. But when I open musical typing, the track doesn't mute, it soloes! The problem started out of nowhere and only affects Logic Pro X, not 9.


So, any ideas? Anybody??

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