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Struggling with colours by midi channel in score [SOLVED]


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In Logic Pro X 10.0.6 I'm trying to show the notes in a single staff coloured by the midi channel. It's a horn line, midi channel 1 is trumpet, 2 is tenor sax, 3 is trombone. I want to be able to see using colours what note is assigned to which instrument.


I can create new staff style that has three staffs, and shows the three instruments each in their own staff. But I really want to see the chord structure together in one staff, and use colours to see the instruments.


In Logic Pro 9 there used to be an option to colour the notes in the staff by their midi channel. In Logic Pro X all I can find is View -> Colors -> Show Voice Assignment

which seems useless, as I need to break the staff style into three sub-staffs by assigning midi channels to sub-staffs, before the colours show up. Or is there some way to assign voices by midi channel, and still leave the notes in the same staff?


Thanks for any help,




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