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Logic pro 8 installed but jam packs don't show in library


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So, I bought an older intel iMac and installed one of my logic Pro 8's in it. When I bring up the Media/Library, in a Logic project, Jam Pack, Jam Pack Symphony orchestra, Jam Pack Re-mix, and Jam Pack World Music, do not show. When I search in my Finder, I find the folders containing the caf files ARE in the computer. I tried a drag and drop, into the main Logic icon, but that doesn't work. I have removed Logic and re-installed Logic but, it's still the same deal... How do I get Jam Pack, and the other folders mentioned above, into the Logic browser? I guess the question is: what's the work around on this situation? - J.P.
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HMMM - Installed my other logic 8 over the top of the first install (with other discs) and Jam pack STILL doesn't show anyplace, except in Finder. I can see all of the individual CAF files, but I don't know how to transfer them from Finder into Logic. Do I need to uninstall Logic, and start over?

Any answers out there? :?:

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