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Where do the 'short' I/O labels show up at?


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I read that it's in the Send slots... but I'm not sure exactly what is meant by that. I only have the short versions showing up when assigning an Output, but when I assign an input it doesn't seem to work.


Also, I guess you can't change the name of your main stereo outputs?

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I'm not seeing anything in the inspector that's different from the mixer.


Now that you say it though, I'm not getting the name changes in the I/O Utility at all when I select the analog I/O. They're all the default names assigned by Logic.


The only 'short' versions I can get to show up are when I select an output on any channel strip. The 'short' inputs aren't showing up anywhere.


But now I'm curious about the I/O plugin and why it hasn't changed there either...

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OK, man, I think I don't understand what you mean with short versions, and what name changes you mean.

Could you please describe what you want to achieve, and what problems you encounter on the way. I assume you want to route a signal through outboard gear such as a compressor or reverb-unit?

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At the top, when you click Mix - I/O Labels, your label assignments come up. When I name all of my gear, there are two fields to type in: the Long version of the name, and the Short version of the name.


It says in the LPX manual that the 'short' field is for the Send Slots, but what Send Slots they're talking about I'm unsure. I can get the names of the Short versions to show up when I assign an output in the mixer, but I can't get the Inputs to show their Short versions. And the area 'Sends' in the mixer don't have anything but busses there, so I don't know what the manual means by Send Slots.



Problem #2 I didn't realize until you mentioned it: after naming my I/O appropriately, when I use the I/O plugin, the labels I've given them don't show up when assigning I/O in the I/O utility. Instead it says "Analog 1+2" and so on.

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