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Channel Strips - Instrument names to Channel Strip Names


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I save the Channel strip under the name of the instrument for that track. (In this case, the instrument appears in a multi, along with several others). For no reason that I can see, the instrument name at the bottom of the channel strip will change to the name of the multi; also the instrument name in the track header. The name of the multi does not appear in the Logic .cst instrument folder. If I call up a different instrument channel strip and then call up the original instrument channel strip. The names all revert to the correct ones. The incorrect names do not affect the instruments heard on playback. So far, I have had this happen for as many as 4 tracks at a time.


My error. The title should read "Channel Strips - Instrument Names to Multi names."

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I'm not done with this, yet. It's becoming more and more of a nuisance. Here are things I've noticed.


If I quit Logic and re-start it, I will find more and more tracks with the name of the multi where the instrument name should be. Now it's up around 9 or 10. Most puzzling, some of the incorrect names are names I gave a multi that I have since deleted. So, I'm wondering where Logic is getting its instrument names when it is loading Its channel strips. These names do not appear as .cst files for the instruments in the "instrument" folder in the library. I don't know where Garritan puts its multi settings, so when I delete a multi, I'm having to trust that the settings are, indeed gone, and yet, the names, along with the defunct multi keep coming back every time I restart Logic, but only for some tracks. So, I guess I'm needing to know where Logic is getting its instrument settings. (I need to stress that I have saved the channel strip settings from the channel strip each time I correct them, yet the old data keeps coming back).

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