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Logic Pro X stuttering and freezing on playback


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Since getting a new MacBook Pro recently, I've had a few occasions where Logic Pro X has started stuttering on playback and in some cases freezing the Mac completely. This is with very small projects with 3 or 4 instrument tracks (from the Logic library), each with several plugins. I think I've isolated the problem to when I'm watching tutorials on the macProVideo web player via Safari, and in fact the tutorial sound does crackle a bit if Logic is open (though not playing back).


Is this a likely cause of the problem, and is there a solution? I've been using my iPad for the tutorials today, and so far no problems with Logic, though it is more useful to be able to do everything on the MacBook. I've updated to the latest drivers for the Duet.



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I've been experimenting today and found that if I disconnect the Duet FW and use the built-in audio, I don't get crackling when playing back the macProVideo tutorials or stuttering in Logic. However I've also found that if I use Firefox instead of Safari, I can use the Duet without any problems with video playback or with Logic. Puzzling.
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