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logic pro x 10 & avid hardware :main speaker output problem


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hi everybody

as i posted before i try to install and use logic pro x on a avid set include : avid HD I/O 16x16 , Xmon and D-command controller , HDX PCI-E interface and a mac pro server with MAc os x 10.8.1

the problem is : i can't adjust the outputs to having the sound on my both main speakers... when i choose output 1-2 in I/O assignment in logic pro x there is no sound on speakers... when i choose output 3-4 only left speaker sings and when i choose 7-8 only right speaker sings and there is no sound on all other outputs. i didn't understand what is the problem...

also i cant connect D-Command controller to logic pro x because it didn't exist in controllers list of logic. scanning and auto install didn't work too.

please help me i have no time at all.

please hurry up. please

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Try updating your Mac OS to 10.8.5.

What version of Logic are you using? The most recent one is 10.0.6. Many issues have been addressed since the original version.

Are you using the most recent and compatible drivers for your devices?

What about the I/O assignment in the Audio Preferences?

Trivial, but have you properly connected your speakers?

What about the settings on your HD I/O 16x16?

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i update the mac to 10.8.5

version of logic is 10.0.4

about driver i'm not sure that they are updated or not...

all the things i said in first post is about I/O assignment in Audio preference of logic...

i remember when i connect the speakers for the first time i had same problem in pro tools, but i solved the problem in protools with re-arranging the output bus and output paths... take a look at my output setting in protools the snapshots that i attach.

you know as you see when a transfer the sound to channel 3 and 7 i get the sound on my main speakers. same thing happened in logic pro x.

so if you had any idea that why i get the sound on channel 3 and 7 instead of 1 and 2 tell me.

or you can tell me how i can redirect the sound to channel 3 and 7 in logic pro x...






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