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Record delay setting.


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Can someone point me in the direction of a post that show me how to accurately set the recording delay setting in the audio pref.



My understanding is that it should be set at the actual latency of your sound card. Is this correct and if so how do I determine that. I'm using a RME FF800.




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The Record Offset isn't actually the soundcard latency - though it is related.


Here's what you need to do:


1. Put some audio on track 1 - something with some high frequency energy, say a few hits of a hi-hat.


2. Route this to output 1 (for example) of your sound card.


3. Physically connect output 1 of your soundcard to a spare input (input 2, for example.) and record track 1's output onto track 2.


4. These two tracks will probably end up a few samples apart (due to latency issues)


5. You can either work out visually how far apart these two tracks are, and compensate in the Recording Delay parameter field. For example. if track 2 is 150 samples later than track 1, put a value of -150 into the parameter field.


Alternatively, you can calculate the offset by ear, like this.


1. Set both tracks to the exact same level value - i.e. to 0dB


2. Normalize track 1. Then normalize and Invert (phase of) track 2.


3. Inser Sample Delay onto track 1, and increase the value until phase cancellation occurs (i.e. when the audio of both tracks combine and cancel out.)


4. Insert this value as a negative into the Recording Delay field.



Incidentally, calculating the latency of your souyndcard is a little more involved - we're 50% there with the above procedure, but I'm very interesting in finding out the latencies of different cards - a specification not many manufacturers publish.


If there's any interest, I'll start here, if not, off to BigBlueLounge :D

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what blueintheface said is correct, but this is from RME itself.


Did you know that you can internally loop back signals from the outputs to the inputs?Just control-click the output names you want to loop in the bottom row of the mixer so that they turn red.Then,select the corresponding hardware inputs as your record source in Logic.Record arm the tracks in Logic,and your done.From page 75 of the Fireface 800 manual:



the best way to do this is to control click the out 1-2 at the bottom of total mix until the indictor turns red.


this will do the loop back with out you have to recable.


i will attach my lso that i used with my RME FF800.


what you want to do is what i said to do in total mix and also is on page 75. the logic song already has the tracks setup for you. just record. after recording you will want to turn down out 1-2 in logic to -6.0, and add to track two a stereo gain and a sample delay.


reverse phase on track two with gain and then start moving the sample delay slider to you here the tracks cancel. it is really simple. took me a long time to figure out.


but thanks to RME support they helped me understand.

Recording Delay.lso.zip

I used a conga apple loop. i hope you have it installed.

RME FF800 recording delay setup.

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