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Absolute Crap Bounces & Exports etc.


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Okay, so running into a lot of crap here...


Basically some of the tracks I'm trying to bounce are turning to absolute crap when I bounce them. Either they just mess up whatever notes are being played (all MIDI instruments), and sometimes certain regions within the track don't bounce the audio at all.


All playback is perfectly fine within the project, this only happens when I export the audio file, or if I'm bouncing it in place.

It also doesn't happen to all the tracks, just some.


When I bounce/export, normalize is turned "off" which I know when it is "on" can cause some problems.


Any ideas?


Here is an example of a messed up export (start at 1:36):




Any suggestions would be very...very...very helpful...

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Just tried that David and it worked :D


When you use "export" it doesn't give you the option between offline and real time, which I was using export because when I put the audio file into a new project for mixing with other files, it will line it all up. But I would much rather have it sound right then have it line up but sound like crap!


Always help to be found here :)

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