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Sample rate problem is excruciating. (logic x)


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I want there to be a solution to this but I don't think there is.


I stupidly started all of my logic projects at 44.1. I am working with another guy who just sent me stems at 24/48. You can see were this is going. The final stems must be 24/48 when it's done and ready to mix. This is a trailer cd so the logic songs are dense to begin with.


Do I have to literally convert every audio file that's in this logic project to 48 in order to change the projects sample rate? Is there no magical solution that will just make it so logic will play back different audio tracks at different sample rates? I have eight of the songs that are ready to go except for what seems like a massive time suck.


I know I can just convert the stems that I got to 441 upon import but I don't know if that's such a good idea. Can someone out there give me a hand? It seems like such an obvious thing, frankly, it's shocking that logic doesn't have a real time solution for this.


thanks in advance.

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