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Split Keyboard sounds


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Hi Folks!!

I am very new here.

I want to use sounds from my Logic Pro X and trigger them on two of my keyboards. However, I want to use the internal sounds on both keyboards as well. Hence I will be using say an internal sound from bottom C to Middle C on my Korg 01/w, then Logic sound from C# to the top C. I don't want the sounds layered...just individual. Same thing with my Roland A-90 Midi Controller...Bottom A to middle C as an internal sound and the C3 to topC as a sound triggering from Logic.

I am not very technically savvy when it comes to this stuff so if anyone has any suggestions....Midi settings....parameters...channells..all that stuff I would be very appreciative. hope to hear from anyone soon.



Macbook Pro - Logic Pro X, Mainstage 3

Roland - A-90 Midi Controller

Korg - 01/w/fd

M-Audio Firewire Audiophile

Adam A-7 Studio Monitors

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