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Channel Panning Glitch via MIDI


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For some reason I think my Oxygen 49 has a ghost in the machine and it is Panning for me on which ever track I selected. Its panning in Increments of - / + 35 or -/+ 25. How can I turn off panning from a MIDI device? I will manually do it in the automation if I need it.


Its a farkin pan in my ass!

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That means the Oxygen is sending MIDI Pan data. The ideal would be to troubleshoot the Oxygen so it doesn't do that in the first place.


Otherwise, you can filter all Control Changes (including Pan but also Volume, Sustain pedal, Mod Wheel, most rotary knobs etc...) at the input of Logic at a project level: File > Project Settings > MIDI, click "Input Filter" and select Control Changes.


If you need to filter only pan events then you could do it with a transformer in the environment, ask if you need more help with that.

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David that worked like a charm! but...

I use my sustain pedal constantly and filtering "Control Changes" stopped the panning issue but also removed my sustain pedal.


Could you elaborate on the transformer? I can maybe create that environment and save it as a template.

As of right not my work around is a MIDI transform I use that I can select and delete the hyperdraw data.

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