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Issue playing logic instruments via Midi keyboard


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i use logic as backing track system playing MIDI tracks using Logic instruments and effects , with 3 midi keyboard on 3 different midi channels with a patch each played live by me.


I have this weird problem where each time I restart the song from the beginning the first note played from the keyboard meeting does not trigger a sound, while the 2nd typically does , rendering this setup useless as my first note will be always cut.


Is there anything I can check or need to change ? All the logic and project settings are pretty much default.


A any help will be immensely appreciated.



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OK, after really a long time I finally got back to my project. The tracks are in live mode and I also tried to move the mod wheel, but still the very first notes get cut off when I start playing....this render almost unusable logic for me....but I'm sure there must be a reason and a

corresponding setting.....

Also, is there a way to "lock" the record (or live mode) to specific tracks ? every time I select another track for editing my original "live" tracks are not live anymore and I have to push the R button again!


Thanks for the help BTW, really appreciate


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