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Logic sync problems


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Hi - I'm using a Macbook Pro (Mac OS X version 10.7.5) with Logic Pro 9 (version 9.1.8) via a Focusrite usb/audio interface. I have just added a Roland SPD-30 to program drum phrases and the SPD30 is connected via USB midi from Logic. The drum phrases I create are then recorded as audio in Logic.

I've set Logic up to transmit the midi time clock and the SPD30 to be externally controlled but am now getting a strange syncing problem.......

Say I start a new project and lay down an 8-bar bass track and then try to add the drums. if I start playback or recording at the very beginning (first beat of bar 1) the midi bass track and the SPD30 are perfectly in sync. However if I start playback or recording the SPD30 at the beginning of any other bar, it starts on cue but immediately jumps to be perhaps a quarter of a beat ahead of the tempo, so that the first beat is effectively cut short. It then stays exactly a quarter of a beat ahead of tempo throughout the phrase.

The bass phrase can start on any other bar and provided drums start on bar 1 they remain in sync, but as soon as the drum phrase is triggered by any other bar, it is out again.


Like all these things, I'm sure there is a simple answer out there (please) !! Rick.

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