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Multiple Midi Ports - External Midi

La Mer

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Hey there, quite new in this Forum and got a problem due to lack of knowledge.


Just found out about this whole Environment thing in Logic Pro 2 weeks ago after so many years working with Logic Pro. Shame on me, but I'm a self-taught user :)


Though I've already learned a little bit how to work with the environment in Logic Pro, I still don't know how to get something special (or not that special) work.


I've "built" with my roommate a room to jam in.

We have:


2 drum modules:


1. Alesis DM10

2. Yamaha DTXplorer


2 Interfaces:


1. Focusrite Saffire Pro 40

2. Focusrite Saffire Pro 24 DSP


We are using a Macbook Pro and Logic Pro 9.

The Alesis module is hooked up via Midi cable to the Saffire Pro 40 and the Yamaha to the Pro 24.


So with the Alesis/Pro 40 port we wanna use Addictive Drums for let's say Rock/Metal Drums & with the Yamaha/Pro 24 we wanna use Battery 4 for let's say Tablas. -> if I play the Alesis pads I hear the rock kit and the Yamaha kits I hear Tablas. So both ports should be playable at the same time.



Problem. No *piep* idea how to ^^"


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