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Buying a new Mac.......any important considerations?

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I'm currently using the following:


21.5" 2.7GHz i5 / 8GB RAM late 2012 iMac (primary)

13" intel duo / 4GB RAM 2009 MacBook (secondary)


It's time for a new laptop. Aside from getting the most processing and RAM I can afford, is there anything else to consider?


Power: According to my activity monitor, I rarely come close to using 8GB RAM on my iMac and that is running huge projects at times. CPU, that is another story. So is processing speed more important than RAM? Also, Mac is really pissing me off by making it impossible to upgrade the internal components of their products. I have gotten another couple of years out of my plastic white Macbook my upgrading the HD and RAM for just a few hundred dollars.


HD: SSD seems to be the preferred thing, but most people seem to use external HD. I don't use either and things run just fine on my SATA 5400RPM. Am I missing something? Would things run much smoother on a SSD?


Screen: Is the retina display really all that? 95% of my time on a computer is staring at Logic, so that is really what matters. I can save significant money getting a non-retina McBook Pro. I was wondering if the increased resolution made it easier to view everything on the screen. Mac seems very geared towards video editing/animation........do we need that much video power?



Thanks ,



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You don't need retina display for Logic.


A 2009 macbook is too weak for serious work in Logic.


SSDs help open programs faster and are very responsive, but not too big for what you pay (yet).


If you save to an external HD, make sure it's either USB 3, Firewire 800, Thunderbolt, and 7200 rpm. If you want to spring for an external SSD, go for it (they're still expensive).

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