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Volume "Macintosh HD" is full


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I got this error (see image) on my new iMac.

Does anyone know how this error occurs and what to do about it?


My iMac is new and I still have 950gb of free space on the HD.


After this error the audio won't play anymore!





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Hi, I have this very same problem. I am using new (late 2013) Mac Pro, with my Logic data files on external Thunderbolt HD with over 1 TB of free space. I run Logic Pro X for a while, then I get an error message "Volume XXX is Full". I can not restart Play or Record after this. No way to clear the error. I have to shut down Logic and restart to get it going again... then eventually I get the error again. Does anyone have any tips to fix this problem?
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Just wanted to mention that I'm also having this same issue. I eventually get to the point where I can no longer even play the project; I have to quit and restart Logic Pro X to resume working. The hard drive isn't close to being full. Maybe it's some housekeeping stuff that Logic is doing behind the scenes?
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The hard drive isn't close to being full.

Do you only have a single hard drive? What is its capacity, and how much space is left available exactly?


No, I have multiple drives. The drive I'm using is a 750 GB SATA disk that is split into two partitions. The partition I'm recording to is 400 GB in size and 380 GB are free.

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What happens if you save the project on another drive and try to work from that other drive?


Don't know. I can try it and see, but the occurrence of the issue seems random; it seems to happen when I'm starting on a new project and heavily recording audio, but I can't describe when it might occur (i.e., at what point it's too much versus how much HD space Logic thinks I have).

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I have this coming out of nowhere. Mac Pro, 2TB hard drive, over 1.5TB available, finished tracking a session and then upon playback & adding markers the error suddenly comes up. Wondered whether there was a user issue where files you don't have permission to see aren't counted in the total or something for the drive, but appears to be well and just keeps giving the error. Rebooting Logic fixes, I hope for not too short a time.
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Hi all.


I'm having this problem also.


Eric you asked if the user had a fusion drive. Is there an issue there? On my system The root drive is a fusion drive. Its a brand new Mac Pro. The record drives are brand new 1 TB. Formatted Extended, journaled.


And yes unarming and re-arming the record tracks does make the problem go away temporarily, as did switching the record drive.


I'm playing video off of the root drive on the Mac Pro. The Logic session and audio folders are on the target drive.


Any answers out there? Thanks.

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Same problem here.. Happens with Logic Pro X running on iMac Yosemite.  It can happen even when not recording and it also happens if the Logic files and session are on my 'La Cie' drive.


I have an IT friend who is suggesting that I may have a failing HD, but I've had the problem for years, and it comes and goes.. Mostly it goes away after a couple days.   Disarming record and rearming does seem to help, but it seems a bit worse than usual.


Other symptoms.. I'm not able to "erase free space" using the disc utility.  It gets to the part when if fails to "created a temporary file"


ALSO when trying to verify permissions OR repair permissions on the same utility app, I get error messages:

Error:Permissions verify or repair failed - and I freed up a lot of space before trying..


It's not like the drive is anywhere near full.  I've been backing up and deleting files to free up space..

Mount Point : /                                                Capacity :999.35 GB (999,345,127,424 Bytes)

 Format :Mac OS Extended (Journaled) Available :703.13 GB (703,132,647,424 Bytes)

 Owners Enabled :Yes                            Used :296.21 GB (296,212,480,000 Bytes)

 Number of Folders :209,374                 Number of Files :1,063,332


Actually I've deleted more files since - still can't use the Disc Utility functions.  Also booting up while holding down "D" doesn't seem to do anything.  That's how I get it to run some diagnostics, right?

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Boot holding down Command-S if you want to check your system drive. It boots into Unix and at the end of the text you can perform a filesystem check, which is fsck in the text. Copy the text line exactly and press return. It will check the system drive and tell you one of two things:

The Macintosh HD appears to be ok


The file system was modified.

In that case, perform the same task again till it says the HD appears to be ok.


If the other drive cannot be repaired or verified, you might have a corrupted drive, and that means it's a matter of time until the drive might not mount anymore and you loose everything.

Did you select the external drive and click verify or repair in Disk Utility? Did it give you an error with red lettering? If that happened, not good.


Get another drive, copy everything over, and reformat the faulty drive.

That's what I would do.

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I'm just here (years later) to say that it looks like running disk warrior to rebuild the directory seems to have fixed this problem on my machine. maybe that will be helpful to someone in the future.

Great. First good to hear you're sorted but truly thank you for adding helpful information to this thread. This could definitely help someone troubleshoot their issue in the future. That's exactly the spirit of this forum! :D

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