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Logic 9 & Battery 3 : how can i get 16 stereo outputs ?


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when i try to create a new instance of Battery (version 3.2.3) I only have these choices :


- Mono

- Stereo

- 5.1

- Multi - sortie (16 x Mono)

- Multi - sortie (1x Stereo 16 x Mono)

- Multi - sortie (8x Stereo 8 x Mono)

- Multi - sortie (12x Stereo)

- Multi - sortie (1x 5.1 15 x Mono)

- Multi - sortie (1x 5.1 6 x Stereo 6 x Mono)

- Multi - sortie (1x 5.1 9 x Stereo)


i know it's kind of useless to use stereo tracks to fill cells with mono samples but my music partner has the very same set up (same logic, same computer, same battery version and same audio interface) and he can set a "Multi - sortie (16x Stereo)" which make me very jealous !!! but the real problem is that when i want to open one project we started on his computer, logic display this message error :


"logic Pro : module "battery 3" type 0 - 32 unavailable"


which is king of "logic" because it seems that my set up can only handle 24 channels instances of battery.


i tried to change the number of outputs on the options panel (stereo outputs : 16, mono outputs : 0). but it didn't change anything. when i assign a cell to outputs 25/26, the sample doesn't play even if i can see the volume meters moving when i try to play it.

i could, create a new instance with less outputs but it would be more comfortable to find out what is the problem with my set up first considering i have several projects we started on the other computer.


anybody has clue ?





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