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Import Drums into EXS24 for Tuning


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I've read a few threads regarding this and it's not working. Say I have 5 audio tracks in Logic. I go to EXS24, edit, load multi sample, and find my 808s. Here's the problem: All the drums I import play on all keys at the same time. I need to be able to access those sounds individually and play them across the keyboard.


Example: I'd like to do bass lines and snare rolls sometimes but I'm doing something wrong. Trying to key map the drums and spread one sound at a time over all 76 keys of my keyboard. I'm fairly new to Logic and started to use it years ago but didn't for this very reason! However, I'm sticking to Logic this time. Composing and sequencing is great but I need my drums on point.

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I'm importing ALL .WAV files from drum kits I've made and used with my MPC.


Say Dr. Dre sends me some 808 drums. How would I access those on the piano roll of the EXS24? Like C D E F G A B C...one octave to the next on all 76 keys or whatever keyboard I'm using. I want to play the 808s as if it was a piano, lead, pad, guitar etc...I have my go to 808 Sub in a VST I use but I need the kicks/808s/snares...All percussion sounds need to be able to be tuned via piano roll of the EXS24 so I can record those notes to follow whatever composition I'm working on in all 12 keys.


Make sense? Kinda like I need the 16 Levels of the MPC >>> but I need the EXS24 Piano roll tuning/pitching.

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Found another way to do it!!!!!!!!


Could you share your solution?


I know this is an old thread but I recently ran into the same issue when trying to program an 808 bass sequence from a sample. For some reason the ESX-24 is distorted and will not properly pitch the samples.


This sucks because I've seen this done with ease in far simpler program like fruity loops. Logic is not geared towards modern urban music at all. It's my go to for dance, but not anything urban.


Too many complicated work arounds for simple tasks.

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I was interested in the solution for the distorted/extended sample issue. I've deselected the Pitch option and have separated all samples to individual notes, but I get terrible distortion and the samples are stretched. I can import the same .WAV sample into Ultrabeat and it plays fine. 
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