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force quitting logic during track freeze?


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hey guys,


so basically, i made the amateur mistake of freezing all my tracks at once (project of about 50 tracks) .. each track has decapitator, alloy, sends, etc .. i didn't realize the sheer amount of time this was going to take.. it's been about a half an hour and it's only about 10% done.. will "force quitting" logic during a large-scale track freeze like this cause me problems? i really don't want to corrupt the project or cause any problems upon re-opening..


is there a solution/freeze cancel? the status bar is moving but at an INCREDIBLY slow speed and the apple 'pinwheel' is spinning the whole time, so my only option would be to either wait it out (this could be a matter of hours) or 'force quit' logic from the dock..


please advise! thank u!

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