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Best way to export a project?


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I'm new to Logic and have just finished a project I've been working on for a while.


When the audio plays through Logic the sound is perfect and there are no clicks and all the tracks in the song play simultaneously no track ever blips out for a second or anything. I've tried exporting the project into iTunes two ways now, first by going to file>share>export to iTunes and second going to file>bounce>project or section. When I do this the project is always exported but when I go to play it back through iTunes there are some clicks or blips of audio that don't occur when I play the project through Logic. Any idea how to fix this?


What is the best way to export a project from Logic? I don't care if it takes a long time I'm just looking for the best sound quality I can get.


I have a 2013 quad-core iMac with 8gb ram and my songs are never more then say 25 tracks at the most. I do use flex on a lot of the tracks I'm wondering if that causes the export to mess up somehow.


Thanks for the help



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