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Reason Latency


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"Hi everybody!" - Dr.Nick - The Simpsons


Ok, now that the formalities are out of the way my basic question:


How to I adjust latency in Logic Express 7.2?


I am running Reason 3.0.5, bt when I am in rewire mode there is limited functionality in my preferences within Reason, (the latency slider in gone)


Any help on adjusting this would be wonderful!


BTW - My UX2 and BFD 1.5 have no latency in the set-up.


:) Happy Sunday Peeps!

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looks pretty default and standard.


if you are recording guitar, bass, vocal, well any external devices you might wanna get that recording delay setup.


also that buffer sure looks pretty low. with higher track counts, and if you wanted to use more voices in your instruments. you are most likely gonna have to raise that a little.


but for reason. yes. looks good.

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