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Remove a bar from the grid?


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I'm working on a lot of weird time signature stuff and it takes me quite a while to settle on time signatures. One trak I'm going between 5 and 4 to 17..it's a mess. But what REALLY gets frustrating is when I realize I want to change a part...and that means changing say 2 4/4 bars into a 6/4 bar. If I go a 4/4 and a 2/4 I'm still left with 2 beats. If I go 6/4 then I still have that other bar to deal with. This is huge because I do not want to go to every subsequent time sig change and have to manually adjust everything. I should be able to just delete a bar from the grid right?
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Add a 5/4 bar after the 2nd 4/4; this is sort of where I'm starting from. Then change the 6/4 bar to 7/4 and eliminate the 4/4 before the 5/4 at the end. How would I get rid of the 4/4 grid but keep the region?


For this particular instance I ended up moving the regions forward so they wouldn't be affected by the removal of the grid, and then moving them back. This will be tedious if I decide on a change when the project grows, but I guess is less so than manually changing every time sig @_@

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