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How to Disable Recording Takes?


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When you record over a previous take, Logic automatically adds additional takes, and it becomes a take folder.

You can record as many times as you want and then choose the take you want, without having to create additional tracks.

Once you choose the take or combination of takes with quick-swipe, you flatten the take folder and all other takes are deleted.


If you don't want Logic to create take folders, you have to delete the regions on the track every time before recording.

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this is the exact reason why i ( say im recording drums) arm 16 "record channels" then have 16 "play " channels underneath, group all rec tracks, and all play tracks into two groups. once a take is done recording and acceptable for listenback, drag the whole block of tracks to the lower "play" tracks, now when you want to punch in, you dont have to worry about the drummer coming in a little early and the beginning of the first hit of the take cut out, or if your regions overlap a silly folder wont be created, it may seem like a round about way, but dragging a grouped bunch of files takes 1/10th the time of even setting up and deciding what takes to use in a folder.... for ME anyway :) but dont listen to me im self taught! im going to try the "replace" trick!
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