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How to make a sound go on forever

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I want to have nice lead synth (hi pitched) sound on some of my tracks, but i just don't know how to get it to last for as long as i want, how can i do this? Il be using a synth, like logic's own or a 3rd party plugin Do i have to just press a key on my MIDI keyboard and hold it while recording throughout the whole track!? I can't just record 1 bar of it in, and then loop it, because it doesn't play throughout non stop, that just makes it stop and start again...


If i press the key down once, the sound eventually stops, after a second or two. How can i make it/automate it so that i can have the synth i want just maintain its sound throughout my whole track.


The sound in question, is this:

at 1:59, for 5 seconds or so, you can hear it, i've got a similar sound, but if anyway knows how i can get that exact sound with a logic plugin too, would be great



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