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Help Menu items for LogicPro9 not available


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I think this problem occured after upgrading to Mavericks. When I use the help menu in LogicPro9 and click on the most relevant keywords that I have typed I am presented with a dialog that indicates: "The selected topic is currently unavailable. The topic you were trying to view could not be found."



I think this may be related to Spotlight not being indexed properly. After having problems re-indexing Spotlight I finally realised that in order for Spotlight to re-index correctly I had to add my permanently installed SD card to the Spotlight Privacy eclusion list. Instead of Spotlight taking 5+ hours to re-index a fast SSD it now did it in about 10mins.


I am now confident Spotlight has re-indexed successfully.


But the help menu items are still "unavailable" :evil:


OSX 10.9.1

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I am experiencing this also. Happens on my MacBook Pro with Mavericks and a friends MacBook Pro with Mountain Lion.


Found and tried Apple support knowledge-base topic: http://support.apple.com/kb/TS5182. Also tried re-indexing Spotlight. Neither helped. Have a working internet connection so that should not be the problem. LPX help works.


Is it possible Apple took down the Logic 9 help site now that LPX is out?


I am still looking for a solution. Until then I've resorted to searching the Logic 9 user manual PDF.

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